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Business Environment Analysis and Simulation. Ever-increasing complexity added to unanticipated effects of policies and actions contributed to the many economic debacles in the last 30 years, including the Savings and Loan Crisis, ... more

Process redesign, especially as it applies to the use of
technology. See my paper on this subject here.

I have an outline page on Organizational Development here.

Many business processes could benefit from analysis and redesign; efficiency is important, but so is effectiveness.

It doesn't help to have an efficient customer service process if your customers are unhappy.

Custom software analysis, design and development.
Including but not limited to:
  • Systemic-oriented Business Process Analysis
  • Agile development approaches
  • A balanced approach to business/audit/ROI vs. agility
  • Web, Java, PHP, several J2EE frameworks
  • Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, MongoDB
For more information, click here.

Graphics design / production.

Much of the work I have done is with POV-Ray, a freeware package that allows you to develop and generate stills and animations using 3D ray-tracing. I have been working with the program since 1993, and I believe there is a strong need for 3-d visualization of complex data, and that need will increase.

This first one is a blatant, unabashed re-work of 3DWorld magazine image from Issue 33, Page 11, article on Mental Ray for Free.
I re-did the image in POV-Ray; I did not scan it or otherwise copy it, but simply re-created the image in POV. It went pretty quickly, the hardest part was aligning the rings, and I don't have it just right yet. But given the time spent, it's not bad.

Clinical Trials 3d bar graph:
Some visualization of data: I'd like to do more of this, and would like to set something up where person could export Excel or other data to a CSV file and import it to POVRay, and produce these kinds of graphics.
It would snaz up presentations, and could be very useful for visualization of complex data sets.


I wanted to build a visual of William Gibsons' cyberspace.
This image is pretty simple, given the movie work that has been done since then. I would like to improve upon this soon,
but like everything, it's a matter of time.

This I developed from free poser model posted on the web, and some Matrix graphics. I use it for my Windows background:

This I developed for a friend for his business:

These two I recently (early June 2014) developed because I work for IBM:

These are shots of a Java3D application I've been working on that roughly corresponds to the bad guy's mainframe view in the 1995 film, Hackers:

This is the home page screen shot of an application I developed while at
Michigan State University. It illustrates the clean design I like to use.

This is another page in the application. It lists the "Invoice Category"
records. The other record pages are similar.

(I will have more samples soon.)

Some very good links for 3-D work:

An EXCELLENT site of POV tutorials et. al..
3D World Magazine
Chris Colfax Include files Page
Graphics Software Tools - Jim Chen, George Mason Univ.