News Items from our organization:

December, 2018.
No updates for awhile (2006) so I'm adding them now. My apologies for the delay.
After Aug 2006, I did software development work (web, j2ee, php, sql, linux
for Michigan State University AIS.

I left MSU in 2011, and started work for the IBM Client Innovation Center in
East Lansing, and was laid off by them at the end of October 2017.

I am now happily employed by the Michigan Health Information Network (
in East Lansing, MI, and I develop software for Health Care Information services,
which includes formats like HL7 and FHIR. I work with Java / Tomcat8, REST APIs
(FHIR-PIT), and Python 3 REST-APIs.

MiHIN is a national leader in Health Information Services, and they are doing
some great things.

February, 2006 Moved south.
We have moved south, to East Lansing, Michigan. I have set my
web site back up, and we're available for development under a new
DBA in Ingham County.

February 08, 2005 Been doing some coding.
I've been doing more Java coding lately, and also more Java3D coding.
Will have more soon.
See examples here..

May 19, 2004 Now available full time.
Clifford IT Services now available full time.
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March 14, 2004 ...additions:
OpenLDAP, JBoss application server added to web site.
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February 2004 web site setup...
Clifford IT Services web site set up with Apache v2, Tomcat v4, MySQL v4.0.17
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February 12, 2004, DBA Established...
Clifford IT Services DBA established in Benzie County, Michigan. New business supplying programming and graphic design services for northern Michigan and soon, beyond.
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