Data Visualization

  One of the greatest hurdles to analysis of data is the ability to see where data points lie in relation to a base value system as well as each other.

  I've been working on a Java-based tool that allows data points to be read from a SQL database and displayed in 3 dimensions. Not exactly a new concept, but I think this has potential.

This shows precipitation data for the world's weather stations. The date runs from left to right, the latitude runs from front to back (from the south pole to the north pole), and the precipitation amount runs from bottom to top.
This data set runs for one year, 2008, from January to December, with one column of data per month. There are no grid lines yet to denote values, and there are other things I plan to add.

You can move around the cube, looking at it from different angles:

And you can also zoom in:

There is potential to allow the connection of the data points with lines, and also to show the values of individual points by hovering the mouse over a point.

Java3D has some great capabilities, and now that my MBA is completed, I will have a bit more time to work on things like this, and to increase my knowledge of data mining and data analysis.