About Us:

Clifford IT Services has been serving the greater Michigan area since 2004, and its owner first came here in 1976. We provide analysis, design, and systems development services.

We have a total of 25 years in Information Technology, in a variety of roles and capacities, in a variety of locations, including Chicago, Philadelphia, the New York City area, and Lansing, Michigan. We have served private business and government organizations, including the U.S. Military. We have a wide range of technological experience, including networking, servers, desktops, software support, wireless, systems analysis, design & development, and web design and development.

I.T. is an enabling technology; the use of good software and adequate hardware can both support your top line as well as your bottom line. However, IT by itself has debatable benefits; the organization must adapt itself to the tools it uses, and vice-versa. Processes need to be re-thought; it is not just a simple matter of streamlining or assembly-lining your operations. Just doing this, ironically, can be counter-productive.

We would enjoy working with you to achieve the goals you have set for your business through the judicious and leveraged use of Information Technology.
While off-the-shelf software is often a quick-fix solution to many issues, it can also result in too much money spent for functionality you would never use, or a workflow that does not fit your needs. We specialize in database-driven applications that can be adjusted to your needs as well as your budget.

Please email us today, and we can discuss your business needs in a free preliminary analysis session, at your place of business.

We believe in the future of business in America.