Welcome to Clifford IT and Systems Analysis Services.
 Serving small and medium business IT and system analysis needs in the midwest United States.

  I provide IT consulting services, write software, and work with databases for companies that have small-to-medium systems.

  I write Java/J2EE systems for use on JBoss(and I have done some for WebSphere) application servers. I have written stand-alone systems with Java AWT/Swing, and some batch-processing systems that update database systems, and written webservices, mostly with REST APIs.

I am self-taught in R, an open-source statistics and analysis software package, and have done (through tutorials and some on my own), some basic analysis with
data sets, financial analysis, a bit of machine learning, linear and non-linear regression, parallel processing, predictive models, GARCH modelling, and others.

  I have to mention here that I am only available part-time, in the evenings and on weekends; I work full-time for a national Healthcare Information Exchange and consulting company, and cannot at this time commit to a full-time self-employment.

  However, I believe I can help you with your needs; please contact me and we can talk about it.

 I have now(Aug 2013) earned an MBA from Northwood University in Midland, Michigan, and I am looking to use my new skills and knowledge to better the business efforts of companies.

 I have been exploring Design Thinking since my MBA, and I believe it has great promise as a way to improve the way our enterprises are put together and how they run. Roger Martin's The Design of Business and Thomas Lockwood's Design Thinking: Integrating Innovation, Customer Experience, and Brand Value both have good stories of how enterprises have used this method of envisioning the future to greatly transform their organizations to meet a more challenging world.

 Proctor & Gamble, Target and IBM (see Thomas Lockwood's book, Chapter 5) have used this to drive customer interactions and value, and make their organizations innovative throughout: not just in marketing and product / packaging design.
I would recommend both books for anyone wanting to learn more about this promising way of thinking. I plan to have a web page outlining the concepts soon.

Because of my IT experience and business education, I can analyze your business situation using design thinking, data-driven analysis, diagram the competing forces and feedback loops, and attempt to help you determine why your business may at times act in a non-intuitive way. Many organizations seem to have this difficulty, in my experience; while I have not seen most organizations, I have seen enough of them (government, private enterprise, and non-profits) to convince me they have much in common. Read more here.

I have also been working on a data visualization tool, written in Java using the Java3D API, which can be used on a variety of data sets. Find out more here.

During my work with Java3D, I also wanted to construct a world similar to the movie Hackers (1995) that is shown when The Plague (Fisher Stevens), the evil system administrator, monitors the system and tries to fend off the teenage hackers trying to break in here.